Photo Credit: Mud Bay Jugglers


OAPN Membership Perks include:

  • OAPN Biennial Showcase Conference. Receive the benefits of being part of a state-wide gathering of arts professionals, artists, and advocates for the arts. This three-day event offers up to 24 showcases, networking opportunities, keynote speakers, and much, much more!

  • Searchable Robust OAPN Member DatabaseSearch the member database for specific types of presenters, artists, or management, etc. This is a members-only, password-protected benefit.

  • Dedicated Member Profiles. Each individual member has their own member profile on the OAPN website. Members have access to update and control their own contact information and set up hyperlinks to their site. All members have access to search the entire database, create connections and conversations and book shows within our website. These are members-only, password-protected benefits.

  • Listserv. The listserv is a way for OAPN members to communicate more easily with each other online. The application is set up so you can send e-mails to all members or a specific category of a member (i.e. presenters only, artists only, etc.) Our members use this tool to share information (i.e. upcoming show or opportunity) or ask questions of other members en masse. This is a members-only, password-protected benefit.

  • Regional Professional DevelopmentLearn about developments in the field, brush up on skills, and/or learn new ones. OAPN offers workshop opportunities throughout the state of Ohio to reach members that can't always make it to our annual conference - and to fill the gap for members who just can't wait until the next conference!

  • Block Booking E-Blast. Alert presenters to the possibility of forming a Block Booking. As an individual artist or artist representative, one of the many benefits of being a current member of the Ohio Arts Professionals Network is utilizing our email blast. If your upcoming tour meets the criteria, we will build an email for you and send it out to our entire membership!